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Confini e frontiera

Apertura nuovi varchi di confine..


forse, dopo anni, si riapriranno i posti di confine

In questo caso verso l'Algeria ..

Primi incontri fra le due delegazioni..

Government delegation to visit Algeria to set date for opening border with Libya

Libya Observer report:

The General Director of Ghat land port "Essin" Al-Tuwati Hamdoun said that a government delegation consisting of a representative of the Presidential Council, the Ministry of Transportation, Interior Ministry and the Customs Authority will visit Algeria soon to set a date for the resumption of work at the Debdab and Essin borders.

Hamdoun said that all preparations for reopening the port have been completed, awaiting a high-level meeting of the Libyan and Algerian sides, which he hopes will take place at the end of this week, adding that the Ministry of Transportation has started providing an electronic detection device for baggage and that they are in the process of completing other preparations resume work at the border.

He also said that a memorandum was submitted to the Minister of Transportation for doing maintenance and construction of a 18 km road between the Libyan and the Algerian border crossings, stressing that a decision was made to allow companies wishing to implement the project to submit tenders.

Hamdoun indicated that a police station was opened at the border with the appointment of a director, adding that the security apparatuses resumed their work on the Libyan side, customs agents whose vehicles arrived at the crossing on Monday, thus getting ready for Libyan and Algerian travelers..


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