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ref:topbtw-2908.html/ 18 Marzo 2021/A

Trump e le frodi in Georgia

"Boia chi molla".....

Le notizie che non leggete sugli organi di disinformazione di massa..

President Trump Responds To Massive Media Lie About Georgia Election Rig..
They lied, they are liars, and can’t be trusted to report on bird droppings.

President Trump issued a blistering response after the Washington Post admitted lying to the public about his phone call.

They claimed “anonymous sources,” so they knew darn good and well the quotes were fabricated.

The National File reported:

The Washington Post has retracted fictional quotes that were falsely misattributed to then-President Donald Trump in an early January story about Trump’s phone call with the top elections investigator in Georgia, after audio was released this week that proved the quotes were wholly fictional.

In the original story, which was reported on by multiple mainstream far-left publications, President Trump was quoted telling the elections investigator to “find the fraud,” promising that she would be be:
“a national hero”
if she complied with his demands.

Now, over two months after the story went viral, the Washington Post issued a correction that admitted the story had “misquoted” Trump.

“Two months after publication of this story, the Georgia secretary of state released an audio recording of President Donald Trump’s December phone call with the state’s top elections investigator,” The Washington Post correction stated.

“The recording revealed that The Post misquoted Trump’s comments on the call, based on information provided by a source.”

“Trump did not tell the investigator to ‘find the fraud’ or say she would be ‘a national hero’ if she did so.

Instead, Trump urged the investigator to scrutinize ballots in Fulton County, Ga., asserting she would find ‘dishonesty’ there,” the correction continued.

“He also told her that she had ‘the most important job in the country right now.’

A story about the recording can be found here.

The headline and text of this story have been corrected to remove quotes misattributed to Trump.”

President Trump’s phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was leaked in January, shining a light on the conflict within the Republican party following the controversial November election:

President Trump was speaking to Georgia officials, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and told them that Fulton County and others were shredding ballots, allegedly of Republican voters, to hide the fact that the President won the state, and not Joe Biden.

“I’m just telling you Ryan [Germany, Raffensperger’s lawyer], they’re shredding ballots,” President Trump said.

“You should look at that very carefully, because that’s so illegal.

You may not even believe it because it’s so bad.

They’re shredding ballots because they think we’re going to eventually get there, because we’ll eventually get into Fulton [County].

In my opinion it’s never too late.”

The President noted that only 11,000 votes needed to be recovered in order to flip the state back to him.

“We have far more than that as it stands now.

We’ll have more and more,” Trump added.

The President has faced criticism from the mainstream media and liberal commentators, claiming that the focus on “finding” 11,000 votes is proof he is trying to create votes out of thin air.

The DC Patriot added:

As you know the Washington Post issued a massive retraction and correction today, two months after lying and “misquoting” the 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump in a phone call with Frances Watson, Chief Investigator with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office.

The President has responded in kind.

The Washington Post just issued a correction as to the contents of the incorrectly reported phone call I had with respect to voter fraud in the Great State of Georgia.

While I appreciate the Washington Post’s correction, which immediately makes the Georgia Witch Hunt a non- story, the original story was a Hoax, right from the very beginning.

I would further appreciate a strong investigation into Fulton County, Georgia, and the Stacey Abrams political machine strong investigation into Fulton County, Georgia, and the Stacey Abrams political machine which, I believe, would totally change the course of the presidential election in Georgia.

Fulton County has not been properly audited for vote or signature verification.

They only looked at areas of the State where there most likely would be few problems, and even there they found large numbers of mistakes.

We are seeking to find and reveal the large-scale election fraud which took place in Georgia.
Many residents agree, and their anger caused them not to turn out and vote for two Republican Senators in the January election.

The Consent Decree signed between Raffensperger and Stacey Abrams was not approved by the Georgia State Legislature, and therefore should be deemed invalid, and the election result changed.

Why the Governor and Raffensperger ever approved this Consent Decree is one of the great questions?

We look forward to an answer.

You will notice that establishment media errors, omissions, mistakes, and outright lies always slant one way—against me and against Republicans.

Meanwhile, stories that hurt Democrats or undermine their narratives are buried, ignored, or delayed until they can do the least harm— for example, after an election is over.

Look no further than the negative coverage of the vaccine that preceded the election and the overdue celebration of the vaccine once the election had concluded.

A strong democracy requires a fair and honest press.

This latest media travesty underscores that legacy media outlets should be regarded as political entities — not journalistic enterprises.

In any event, I thank the Washington Post for the correction. -Donald J. Trump

Meanwhile, Democrats cited the fake “find the fraud” quote in their impeachment brief.

What do you think America?

Should the Washington Post be held accountable for this fraud and lie against a sitting President?

( Courtesy by A. Matthews )

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