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Biden: the "Glitch" President ?
perché la partita non è ancora finita..

Le notizie che non trovate sugli organi italiani di disinformazione di massa..

New York

More than a full week has come and gone after Election Day and we still do not know who the next President of the United States will be.

Mainstream Media outlets have called the race for Joe Biden, even though it is not the media that decide and names the next President in our Constitutional Republic.

While the media work overtime to force their narrative on the nation that Joe Biden has already won, President Trump's legal team has filed numerous lawsuits alleging there was substantial voter fraud in key swing states.

These allegations are headed to courts of law in various states, along with other states announcing official recounts.

President Trump has the legal and moral right to challenge results, and it is supremely unethical for the media and others to push the claim that Joe Biden has won.

Bottom line?

This race is far from over and the President still has a shot at winning re-election.

The presidential race isn't the only election too close to call, in fact 2 key Senate seats in Georgia are both headed for runoff elections, following election day totals.

To those who've served our country honorably,

To those who've sacrificed for our freedom,

To those who've paid the ultimate price,

We, at Tea Party Patriots, want to thank you.

Your service and sacrifice are what allows our great American experiment in self-governance to continue.

And while Veterans Day is extremely important, we think that every day should be like Veterans Day.

Every day should be a day where we honor and thank those who have served our great nation.

Your contribution to the preservation of freedom, liberty and justice for all will NEVER be forgotten!

( Courtesy by Jenny Beth Martin )


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