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La ricorrenza dei..70 anni !
..Celebrating China's 70th Anniversary

Cina: da un posto qualsiasi..

This has been an incredibly busy September for China!

The start of school for Chinese students, the Mid-Autumn Festival
(read about it,
and, of course, preparing for the National Day.

The Republic of China was founded on the 1st of October 1949, the date in which Mao Zedong unified it under communist rule.

The week from the 1st to the 7th, when everyone has holiday off work and school, is commonly called the Golden Week.

This because it is when there's peak tourism in China as millions travel to go back to their hometowns, and the economy surges during this time.

Every year Beijing plans various celebrations, but this year's will be especially important, as it is 70th anniversary of the founding of China.

The programmewas recently presented by Wang Xiaohui, who is the executive deputy head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

On the 30th of September there will be a commemoration ceremony at Tian'anmenSquare's Monument to the People's Heroes.

On National Day, President Xi Jinping will give a meaningful speech.

Then, there will be a military parade and a mass pageantry.

After this, state leaders and CPC members will go, with "people from all walks of life", to another gathering with an art show and beautiful fireworks.

Chinese who have made far-reaching contributions will receive medals such as the National Medal and Medal of the Republic, and foreigners who have, as China Plus perfectly phrases it, "made significant contributions to China's socialist modernization drive and promoted exchanges and cooperation between China and the rest of the world" will receive Friendship Medals.

However, Beijing isn't the only place where the National Day is celebrated.

There are also numerous grass-root activities, such as in schools, whereperformances and shows are held to show student support.

To find out more about this particular aspect of the National Day, I interviewed Robert Yan, deputy principal of an international School in Ningbo.

He told me about how Chinese schools will celebrate this very important 70th anniversary.

L.B: What are some of the activities or performances schools have planned for the 70th anniversary?

Mr. Yan:
Schools will decorate the atmosphere. Big lanterns will be hung at school gates, and flags will be stuck all the way along the main road of the schools.

There may also be photo exhibitions that show the development of student lives, surroundings or facilities etc.

A number of schools will also hold competitions, such as storytelling or singing, the latter in which songs will be patriotic.
Flash mobs will be produced.
The most popular song for that is
"I and My Motherland".

Many cities will have flag raising ceremonies in the city squares, and students often participate.

L.B: What do these activities hope to communicate?

Mr. Yan: We are Chinese and we are proud of our motherland.
We love our country and we wish her becoming better and better.

L.B: How much time is typically spent preparing for them?
And how are they going so far?

Mr. Yan: Generally one or two weeks before the event.
So far, so good.

L.B: Who usually organizes these celebrations, and who takes part in them?

They are usually organizes by teachers, student council, and everyone including teachers, staff, parents, and of course students, will attend and take part.

L.B: What are the challenges in organizing these events?

There is never enough time, for there is too much work to do.

L.B: Will these events be recorded in any way, such as with videos, pictures, etc.?
If so, who takes care of this?

Yes, always the school technicians and computer teachers will record them.
The event's written and digital products will be kept in school archives room.

L.B: Thank you so much for having me!

I learnt a lot from Mr. Yan.

It really is incredible seeing schools with thousands of students, collaborating with parents and staff to create these wonderful performances.

Some other celebrations and activities held are flag-raising ceremonies all over the city, whether in schools, or in plazas, as Mr. Yan said.

Flags are hung on lampposts and in shopping mall entrances.

In complexes, huge banners are strung from building to building, multicolored to give the complex a joyful and festive feel.

There will also be dances performed around where I live:
just yesterday evening, I saw a group of ballet dancers practicing in a parking lot to the tune of a patriotic song, rehearsing for their performance next weekend.

I wish everyone the best for the National Day.

Happy 70th anniversary, and for those of you in China, enjoy the Golden Week holiday!

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