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Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube : verso la resa dei conti ?
Conservative PAC Files FEC Complaint Against

Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube..
The major platforms are under fire for influencing the elections

by suppression of conservative viewpoints.

The Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has requested that an investigation be conducted concerning the suppression of certain political views and general Silicon Valley bias, which is a violation of free speech.

The letter states,
“companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google are violating US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9, which prohibit corporations and corporation employees from contributing any services or anything of value to elections and campaigns.”

The letter contains a 12-page report to Congress, outlining the specific actions the trio has taken against ALIPAC.

The group sites at least 85 other conservative groups that have been targeted in a similar manner, and charged,
“Facebook, Google, and Twitter are clearly engaged in a pattern of abuse and manipulation targeting conservative voices from the center to right of the spectrum of American politics in an effort to use their powerful companies and technology to influence the outcome of elections in favor of Democrats and pro-Amnesty Republicans.”

Specifically they argue that Google and YouTube,
“allowed or instructed their employees to destroy the contents of our YouTube channel ALIPAC1 on January 15, 2015, through administrator access and then refused to answer any of our requests to restore the videos and links to the account.”

“The account contained numerous popular videos that were influencing US elections and legislation efforts in favor of our political positions and against the immigration issue positions of Google.”

The group charges that the “vandalism of our account from within Google constitutes a great contribution of value to candidates and groups who oppose the candidates and groups backed and endorsed by ALIPAC.”

Many people agree and are sick of the power wielded by the tech giants.

“By suppressing our web traffic Google, is making a substantial contribution of value to the opponents of our endorsed candidates in violation of US 11 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) sections § 114, § 114.2, and § 114.9.”

Facebook has manipulated the outreach of the group’s pages, allowing them to access barely 2 percent of the 600,000 followers they have.

This is something that Conservative Daily post experienced during the ‘purge’ last month.

“Facebook is making very valuable contributions to Democrat and pro-Amnesty Republican campaigns by offering groups and activists who are aligned with Facebook’s support for increased legal immigration levels and Amnesty for illegals vastly greater organizational and communications abilities on their platform.”

Twitter is also blocking the group,
“refusing to verify our account for William Gheen and ALIPAC while verifying vast numbers of accounts that share Twitter’s support for increased legal immigration levels and Amnesty legislation in DC, which are both affected by the outcome of campaigns and elections.”

The group argues, “Twitter has made false accusations against us for ‘hate speech,’ marking our memes and messages asking citizens to call DC to oppose Amnesty legislation as ‘hateful content’ and using these false allegations to restrict us from purchasing ads on Facebook.”

“By refusing to verify our account, but verifying the accounts of pro-Amnesty candidates and PACs, and by restricting our posts and ability to buy ads for our endorsed candidates and campaigns, the Twitter company and employees are attempting to bias the outcome of US elections by making a contribution of value through censorship and suppression.”

William Gheen stated,
“No American individual, campaign, or PAC should face unequal services, products, and treatment from large global corporations seeking to interfere with our protected right to communicate with American voters without hindrance.”

Many people hope that the stranglehold these giants have placed on social media and the internet will be removed, and that the free exchange of ideas, even ones that are ‘offensive’ to some people will be allowed to be exchanged again.

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